Have Whales Gone Extinct?

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are whales going extinct

Have Whales Gone Extinct?

One of the questions that scientists and conservationists have been asking is “are whales going extinct?”. The short answer to this is that there is no known indication that whales are going extinct. One reason for this is that no one really knows how they breed, where they come from, why they mate at all and whether or not their population will ever decline. Another reason for this is that while it’s fairly certain that whales are dying off, nobody knows how they die or if and when. As with any marine organism, the exact number of whales that have died is unknown because the problem of overfishing is making it impossible to count them accurately.

Some animals have been known to become extinct because of too much harvesting over a relatively short period of time, and that includes the California Red tides. These are well known bottom feeders, so they are susceptible to being overfished and killed. On the other hand, there are some populations of dolphins and whales that have managed to survive commercial whaling efforts. The most famous of these are the Tai Chi dolphins that are close to the Japan Coast. While their numbers were being depleted by the early twentieth century, more dolphins have been seen alive, and the trade in whale blubber has been able to keep their numbers up.

Commercial fishing methods have also been responsible for the decline of sperm whales, which live all throughout the New Zealand region. It is not entirely clear what has caused these creatures to decrease in numbers, but it is likely a result of the type of fishing method that was used. It is now widely believed that commercial New Zealand whaling methods are the cause of the decline in sperm whales. This is because one type of whale was taken off the market because of a possible increase in the amount of damage that it could cause.

There are many theories as to why whales die, and the truth is that there are many reasons. Many scientists believe that whales die when they are hit by ships. However, it is also possible for the ships to hit them when they swim too close to the edge of the water. When whales are hit by boats, they sometimes go into a coma and die as a result. There are also a lot of reports of whales jumping into the water and then just diving down again as a result of being hit by a ship. If this were true, then the number of divers that search for whales would be much lower than what it actually is.

In addition to killing whales, other industries have killed a great deal of them as well. For instance, farmers in Iceland have been known to kill hundreds of whales in order to eat them. At the same time, some New Zealand farms have hunted and killed many calves, even going so far as to use dogs to grab calves from the water and then drag them into the barn. Some of this activity is thought to be related to the fact that New Zealand farmers are dependent on the meat that comes from these huge mammals.

In addition to all of this, many environmentalists are concerned about the whaling that is going on around the world. They worry that these whaling activities are causing problems with the environment and killing a huge number of innocent animals along the way. If you are trying to get into the sport of whaling, be sure to talk with a highly trained guide before venturing out into the vast ocean waters.

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