Facts About Whales And Dolphins

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whales and dolphin facts

Facts About Whales And Dolphins

Do you know that whales and dolphins are one of the most popular animals worldwide? People have always fascinated by whales and dolphins. Even in distant times, people were fascinated by these creatures. These curious creatures intrigued archeologists who found many skeletons of whales and dolphins which were discovered on archeological digs. Through the years, whale and dolphin research has grown immensely. Numerous books have been published about whales and dolphin facts and information.

Nowadays, the species known as whales are a sub-category of the Great White shark, a large predatory fish, which is found only in the Southern Ocean of the Pacific Ocean. Whales are the largest predatory fish and account for more than 80% of the entire oceanic fish biomass. They are closely related to dolphins, with whom they are closely related in terms of evolution, but whales and dolphins differ in many ways such as behavior, reproduction and availability of food.

Whales are found in the warm coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean. The species are baleen whales. They are omnivores and live by hunt and scavenging for their prey. In fact, whales can be classified as a carnivore and are carnivores even in their underwater environments. They feed on fish and other forms of meat such as calves, seals and whales.

Another interesting fact about whales and dolphins is that only a few varieties are known. A variety of whales and dolphins exist in the North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean and the Hawaiian Islands. All of them are unique, having different characteristics. There are certain whales and dolphins that are rarely seen by humans and are categorized as endangered. There are also varieties that are known to live in large schools and hunt in packs.

There are many whale and dolphin facts that show how these animals interact with each other, their habitat, the sea and everything around them. For example, a certain dolphin may help keep boats afloat by swimming with them or by holding them in place. Dolphins are very special and they are extremely social animals that depend on other whales and dolphins for help and support. It is true that a dolphin may look like a simple animal, but it does take a lot of hard work for the animals to be healthy. Some dolphins will travel thousands of miles each year, traveling in pods.

Some whales and dolphins may swim closer to the shore than other species of animals and some may feed right up close to the shoreline. For example, pods of whales will travel up to six miles from the coastline to feed and bond with their calves. Some of the most famous and popular dolphin species include the blue, the black and the grey. These three species represent the best in terms of appearance and ability to blend in with their surroundings. Whatever your interest in whales and dolphins, there are a wealth of interesting facts available to help you become educated about these amazing animals.

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