Experience Swimming With Beluga Whales

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Atlanta Aquarium is proud to present this beautiful whale watching experience for you and your family. Whether you are a local or visitor, you are sure to enjoy the remarkable wildlife, beautiful colors of Beluga whales, the relaxing environment and friendly staff that will make your stay at the Atlanta Aquarium a memorable one. You can see the beautiful aquatic animals in their natural habitat in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Atlanta, Georgia.

atlanta aquarium swim with beluga whales

Many people visit Atlanta on a vacation and enjoy whale watching so much that they plan to visit the Atlanta Aquarium later on in the year. But why stop at the Aquarium? Swimming with whales at Beluga Bay is also an amazing experience that you will never forget. Whether it’s a day or an entire vacation, you will definitely want to come back again.

If you are new to whales, the swim with Beluga whales makes a perfect vacation activity for all ages. Children of all ages can have fun learning about these amazing creatures from the specialists at the Atlanta aquarium. Beluga whales are intelligent and curious creatures that use their young age to seek out food, like seals, fish and clams. This makes them different from other species that are simply out to get their food.

To help the whales maintain their health and longevity, the atlanta aquarium has several different marine conservation programs. The program not only helps the whales to survive, but it also helps to keep their natural environment healthy. It is a part of the Sea protecting the Humpback Whales.

Swimming with Beluga whales in the wild is not easy because they normally travel alone. This means they have to be close to other whales so that they can get food. They are also very social animals that enjoy being with their pod or group of friends. In their natural habitat, these animals gather together for feeding time. You can expect to see dozens of whales in a feeding frenzy as they wait for the other whales to pass by.

If you are looking for a unique vacation experience, consider the opportunity to swim with the Beluga whales. This will give you the chance to observe one of the most unique and intriguing creatures on Earth. You will also experience a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you helped save these unique animals from extinction. You can take home a wonderful souvenir of this incredible experience to take back with you when you return home.

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