Enjoying the Underwater World With a Whales Watch

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Enjoying the Underwater World With a Whales Watch

A whale watch is an exciting one bedroom, thousand square feet waterfront house available just steps from your exclusive beach! Walk out the front sliding glass door, onto the pristine white sand beach, and immediately to your incredible sea view. Sit at the farthest point on Heceta Beach, a commanding point overlooking the Siuslaw River jetty, it offers sweeping ocean views from your high overlook point to the Heceta Head Lighthouse, just a few minutes away. The views are spectacular, as are the whales! There are many whale watching opportunities daily.

A few miles further you will see two Grey whales, bound for lunch. Several Grey whales have also been known to stop by the California coast every year as well. In addition to grey whales and the grey whales’ friends, several dozen steller sea lions have been known to make an appearance as well. Steller sea lions are typically seen in the Santa Barbara Channel between June and August. These sea lions are a protected species, so fishing should be kept to a minimum.

Most whales are not seen or heard from again after they leave the ocean. That is why it is very important that you plan your whale watching trip for at least two weeks prior to your arrival. You can begin your whale watching adventure as soon as you arrive and stay for as long as you wish. Most whales, even those that have been sighted frequently, will not venture farther into the ocean without the guidance of their pods. Even whales that have become habituated to a feeding station will move on when there is no food to be had.

When you choose a spot to watch whales watch, be sure to find a site with a good amount of sunlight. This will help to ensure the whales do not get eaten by birds that may be looking for food on the ocean floor. Hecetta Beach State Reservation is located in Descarga Lagoon, just off of Cahuilla Beach. You can find out where the whales frequent this particular area through the Pacific Whale Watch Association website.

The weather in Southern California is always beautiful. Although it is nice, the water temperatures tend to be a bit too warm, which is why many whale watch groups tend to choose different waters whenever possible. If you are planning a whales watch in Hecetta Beach State Reservation, you should head out about two hours before it starts getting dark, so you can stand by the boat and enjoy the marine wildlife. About forty minutes after sunset, the whales will start coming out of the water and you can sit aboard your vessel and enjoy watching whales and dolphins while the sun rises and sets over the ocean.

Some other popular locations for whales watch are Point St. George, Whitsunday Island, and La Jolla. A lot of these parks also offer other activities for the visitors, such as hiking and other nature trails. If you are in Southern California, you should definitely consider booking a spot on one of the whales that swim in the Pacific Ocean. Just remember that, regardless of how close you are to the water, you should never feed the whales or put your hands near their mouths, because they could become aggressive and snatch your hands or swim away.

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