Endangered Florida Whales – Purchase a Specialty License Plate

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Florida is a state in the United States of America where the tourism business is actively developing and growing. The tourism business in Florida consists of many activities that attract tourists from all over the world to come enjoy the holiday season in Florida. Florida is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and the number of visitors as well as the revenue brought by the tourism industry in Florida are some of the highest in the nation. Thus, the state government is keen on protecting the natural resources of Florida and also promoting the tourism industry in Florida in order to promote the growth of tourism in the state. As such, the state government has taken certain major steps in this direction by introducing some major tourism promotional measures in the recent past.

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Among these measures introduced by the Florida Governor, one measure that has gained a lot of focus is the introduction of new tourist promotional measures. Among these measures, the introduction of the new tourism promotional plates is of great importance. According to the Florida Governor, the new plate will be used to advertise not only Florida tourism but also all the services provided by different tourism companies across the state. As such, the plate must have the name of the company, contact information, logo and also the logo of the state of Florida. The contact information of the company should also include the toll free number and website address so that any enquiry regarding the services offered by the company can also be directed towards this number.

On being recommended by the Governor, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Division has conducted a study and has discovered that there exists a unique species of Whales living in Florida. This species is known as the Florida Blue Fish and it is believed that there are around 400 Whales in existence in Florida alone. This study has further found that these whales are not only a source of great tourism interest but also provide important scientific data for future researches. So, it was decided to issue the new tourism promotional plates with the name Florida Blue Fish to all those people who would make a purchase of such a plate. Also as part of the promotional campaign, it was decided that each plate would come with a tag with the name of one whale from Florida and this would help in better awareness about this branch of marine life.

In addition to this, the state of Florida has taken it upon itself to protect all marine wildlife in the state by making it mandatory for all drivers to obtain a marine license. Moreover, all operators of boats and marine vessels are required to get hold of such a license. This practice is aimed at reducing the number of accidents in Florida caused due to collisions between marine vessels and propellers. At times, when the propellers of a boat collide with a whale or any other marine creature, injuries may be severe resulting in the death of the persons on board. Now, with the help of the marine license plate, all such operators would be aware of the fact that they are liable to pay for the expenses caused in case a collision occurs with a whale.

There are various other benefits that can be achieved through the use of the Florida Blue Fish plate. Among these would be gaining support from environmentalists as well as the general public. For the environmentalist, showing support for the vulnerable and endangered marine mammals like the Florida Blue Fish would go a long way in making the point that we care about nature. On the other hand, getting a support from the general public would give the business owner an added advantage. Seeing so many fishermen and marine mammal enthusiasts buying the plates will be a great source of pride for the owner. Not only this, the fact that no money is involved in purchasing these plates will go a long way in spreading the awareness about these animals even further.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come with purchasing the Florida Blue Fish specialty license plate. Besides this, there are a variety of options to choose from when purchasing these plates. You can select the kind of font that you want along with the size of the plates to make them look more authentic. There are different font styles and sizes for the marine mammals and Whales that you want. As for the price, the prices are quite affordable and anyone in the family can afford these plates.

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