Do Whales Exist?

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Do Whales Exist?

Is whales extinct? This question has been asked and answered many times over the years. It is also one of the most important questions people want to know the answer to. Some people claim that whales are not extinct because they have been found dead. This is not accepted by other whale specialists because the remains have been found in ice, on land or in the water.

There are some who claim that whales are not extinct because when ice caps melt there are going to be billions of sperm whales and blue whales that will come out of the ice. These are the experts who say that the only way that whales can be extinct is if no one sees them die. If no one finds the body of a dead whale then it cannot die and it will remain in a cryogenics storage facility until someone finds it. This way the sperm whales and blue whales can swim into the future and there will be no record left of them.

Other experts think that the only way that whales can become extinct is if someone names a new species after it. For example if we had a new species of whales called the minke whales and one day there were only seven of them and one of them was dead then the whale experts would find out that they were actually named the Peter Martin’s whales after one of the pilots who first spotted them. Now if this happened and then the captain of the ship that was searching for them was not able to return they would consider the Peter Martin’s whales to be extinct and no longer be seen by any human. Another theory is that there are so few whales left that they become a species and end up extinct.

Whales have long been a part of mythology and have always been considered to be more of a creature than a fish. Many myths about whales state that they went underwater to get baby seals to carry them to their mothers. Many stories state that whales are related to mermaids and the ocean’s depths. In Norway they believe that the entire world’s whales are still alive in this place and many hold that there are only around 400 of them left in the North Atlantic. There are other theories that say that these creatures are simply taking up too much space in our ocean and that they are slowly dying out.

If you’re looking to find out if whales are extinct or not make sure to check out the International Whaling Commission because they keep records of all ships and boats that have been sailing whales since 18roduction. Right whales are different from blue whales but both are considered to be one of the most important species in the ocean. The International Whaling Commission maintains a website that shows you where the different whales can be found along with details on their habits, population, recovery rate, diet and any diseases they may suffer from. Blue whales can be seen from December until April, while the right whales are only available from March to November.

You can follow the IWC’s website for more information. This is just a small part of the information that you’ll find on their website but it’s definitely enough to get you started. If you don’t want to go on a tour ship, consider staying at a center that offers a variety of whale watching experiences. You could sign up for a package tour that will allow you to watch different types of whales depending on the time of year. You could also hire a guide to take you on a close look at the right whales and the breeding areas so you can learn a lot more about commercial whaling before heading out on your own.

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