Divers Whales

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Divers Whales are a great source of food and oxygen. They are the largest of the toothed whales (right whales toothed whales). They are most known from Australia, off the coast of South America. The population of these whales has been decreasing steadily over the last century. The reasons for this decline are unclear, but it is suspected that things like global warming and the shrinking of the great oceans are the main culprits.

divers whales

Divers whales live in colder regions that are not prone to ice formation, and they use this to their advantage. Unlike most whales, divers whales can actually dive to the depths of the coldest waters! While diving into such deep waters, a diver may come up missing one tooth or the other, which is common. This can be devastating for a hungry animal, but luckily for divers, they are able to regurgitate their food. These amazing creatures also produce sounds under water, giving birth to sizzling, high-pitched sound.

Divers whales do not make very good pets, as their size makes them large targets for predators. However, they are excellent swimmers, which means that divers whales can get around in shallow water without any problem. They have even been known to swim across the surface of the Gulf of Mexico! This makes them even more intriguing to watch, but unfortunately their size means that they cannot be found on land. If a divers whale were to strand, nearby islands would probably be populated by sharks.

Divers whales have also been hunted in the past, and their meat was considered a delicacy on some remote islands. Thankfully, divers can easily avoid being eaten by divers-whales-by standing on their heads! In addition, they are quite tough and can take an enormous amount of punishment. They are also very loyal to their mates, so if they get spooked or feel threatened, they will often head right back to shore.

The Southern Right Whales are sometimes referred to as “Diver White Whales” due to their white, bluish coat. This makes them look like an egg just waiting for its next lifeguard. Southern Right Whales are a very special type of whale, and there are only about twenty of them left alive today. Their population declined somewhat over the past couple of decades because of commercial whaling.

There are many more varieties of whales out there, including blue whales, white whales, and even Orca (or killer whale). Each has different characteristics and habits, which make them distinct from one another. If you have never seen divers, now is definitely the time to get out into the sea and take notice of marine life. Even if you’ve seen blue whales of the ice, there’s no better way to see the underwater world of whales than from the sea.

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