Cool Facts About Blue Whales & Black Dolphins

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cool facts about blue whales

Cool Facts About Blue Whales & Black Dolphins

If you are planning on visiting Sri Lanka, there are many interesting cool facts about Blue Whales that you will want to research before your trip starts. Even though the population has decreased dramatically in recent years, you still have a good chance to see these amazing creatures when you are in the country. There are several marine parks and sanctuaries around the country where you can see blue whales. What you will learn from this article…

– Whales are only in Sri Lanka for about six months of the year. This means the best time to see whales in Sri Lanka is during the months of April and May. This is the whale watching season in Sri Lanka. So for people who live in or around this area it is the best time to go whale watching. For those people who do not live near the coast the months of December to March are also a great time to see whales as well as dolphins.

– The lifespan of a blue whale in captivity is about 90 years. They reproduce quickly, so the breeding population is small. In the wild they reproduce a full year, so this means that at any given time you should have no problem getting on with your plans to see blue whales in Sri Lanka.

– These massive fish also belong to the elephant family. They are slightly smaller than blue whales, but about the same size as a large school of albino elephants. Their name comes from the fact that they resemble a very small albino or whitish blue whale. They may only weigh up to half a ton.

– The best time to see whales in Sri Lanka is in July and August. This is the mating season, because this is when the female whales give birth. When it comes to these creatures they do not mate again for another 12 months. The females give birth to up to ten babies at once.

– These giants of the sea spend most of their waking hours eating and drinking. They like to feed by either swimming slowly in shallow water or swimming at a fast pace. They can be seen by snorkelers and surfers and even by plane and by ship. So if you want to get away from your daily stresses and enjoy whale watching in Sri Lanka then the month of April and May are when you are likely to find the whales congregating near the west coast of the island nation.

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