Blue Whale Facts – Some Interesting Blue Whale Facts That We Should Know

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We all know blue whales are some of the most massive and well-known sharks in the world. But did you know they can also be incredibly useful as great pets? There are many ways to get your hands on a blue whale tank, from eBay auctions to owning a breeding group of your very own. Whales are known to be a very playful lot, often spending their time playing with or exploring their environment, so you could even consider taking your pet blue whale along with you on a vacation.

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Obviously, blue whales are massive, approaching lengths of more than a hundred feet and well over 200 tons in maximum weight. They are also incredibly fast, capable of swimming at over 20 miles per hour over short distances, but again, I would assume that they do not have any teeth, claws, an aggressive jaw, or any other natural weapons other than their size and muscle. However, they can be somewhat intelligent animals, known to be quick to catch fish, but their intelligence is not exactly high. Blue whales are known to be friendly, loving and playful, but they can also be somewhat territorial, raising the need for certain blue whale tank rules, like being in the same area at all times.

These creatures are generally carnivores. Some varieties have been known to consume small fish, but they are generally scavengers rather than true carnivores, preying on small fish and other marine wildlife. They will also prey on birds and seals. It’s important to note that most of the time, when a blue whale is injured, it will keep trying to heal itself. If the wound gets bigger, it will try to close the wound until it can breathe on its own.

You may notice that the blue whales in the wild seem to be healthy, happy and well fed. In captivity however, there are many diseases and illnesses caused by overcrowding and poor conditions. It is important to note that this does not include the breeding process. Many blue whales die in captivity because they are unable to breed.

There have been several accounts of blue whales attacking people. This has led to them being categorized as dangerous animals. Like most dangerous animals, they pose a threat to humans who may come into contact with them. Though there are reports of people being attacked by blue whales, it should also be noted that no reported cases have ever been proven. The possibility of an attack by a blue whale is one of reason why it is important to have a blue whale tank.

Wikipedia lists the blue whales as one of the most species-rich cetaceans, along with the Greenland Shark and the Pacific gray whales. They are also one of the most mysterious aquatic animals. As a blue whale’s size is much bigger than that of other cetaceans, it can take years for scientists to fully understand them. There is a lot that we still need to learn about blue whales.

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