Best Time to See Whales in Nova Scotia

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When is the best time to see whales in Nova Scotia? Every year, there is a peak month for whale activity. The months of June, July and August are among the most popular times for whale sightings. April and May are also popular months for whale watching. The best time to see whales in Nova Scotia is usually from late June through September, though there are some exceptions.

best time to see whales in nova scotia

Some whale watching tour operators go even further and suggest that July and August are the best months to go whale watching in Nova Scotia. Some will even suggest the middle of September as the best time to be in the area. Some grey whales remain in the Canadian waters all year-round, while other whales move out towards open water in the summer months. Grey and black whales are usually spotted off the Eastern Cost of Nova Scotia during July and August. March through May is usually an off-season months for whale sighting. Humpback and Orca whales are also visible off Nova Scotia in June and July.

Whale watching tours are available for people of all ages and types of traveling arrangements. The best time to see whales in Nova Scotia is generally between March and May. This is the mating season for many different species, including grey whales, and humpback whales.

If you want to go whale watching off Nova Scotia, one of the best ways to experience this unique wildlife is with a nova scotia cruise. A Nova Scotia cruise allows you to go whale watching in a natural habitat where these animals are well-known. A guided tour of the area will allow you to see several different species up close. These tours are available year-round.

While it is the mating season, there is still no guarantee that the animals will mate. This is because male whales do not mate until they reach a certain age. The best time to see whales in Nova Scotia is usually in late spring through late summer. This is when they are migrating back to their natural habitat.

Humpback and sperm whales are the most abundant whale species in Nova Scotia’s marine waters. Grey whales are not as common, although they do occasionally surface to feed. Orca, sperm and white-sided whales can be seen in Nova Scotia’s coastal waters most of the year, with the exception of at certain times in May, July and September. Tour companies can offer different trips depending on whether the animals are seen in the waters year-round or just during certain months of the year.

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