Best Months For Hiking and Whale-Watching in Hawaii

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If you are a whale watching enthusiast, then you will know where are the whales. This is the most important question that every whale watcher asks and the answer can be found in March when the migration season starts. The answer to where are the whales can change depending on many factors, including weather, depth and fatigue.

where are the whales

Typically, December marks the beginning of whale hunting season in Hawaii, but most experts believe that the animals have actually been slow to come back this year too. This is because of the unusually warm waters this time of year, which are thought to be related to the Gulf of Mexico and the upcoming winter. The giant whales, also known as the Humpbacks or the Southern Right whales, are an iconic symbol of winter on the Islands and a significant source of revenue for local tour operators. Every year, thousands of visitors make the trip down to the Humpback whales to see them up close and personal. One of the most popular sights is Hanauma bay, where the whales spend their annual migration.

During the late months of February through early March, are the best times of the year to witness these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat. However, whales are not the only creatures who can be observed during this time. Many other types of marine wildlife can be seen as well, including the great variety of marine fish that thrive in Hawaii waters. Many residents in Hawaii take advantage of the abundance of marine life during this time as well. Some of the popular activities include shark encounters, snorkeling and even scuba diving. All of these adventures are fantastic ways to get up close and personal with one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

The second season to see whales is in the fall. November and December bring the largest numbers of whales to the Hawaiian Coast. Whale watching tours and travel companies know this and arrange their trips and excursions around this time. In the months of September through October, humpback whales make their way to the Humpback Whale National Marine Park. These are the best months to see whales since the population migrates to the coast to mate and give birth. Whale watching here is particularly rewarding because humpback whales are some of the largest and most spectacular animals in the world.

In the months of March and April, the Atlantic Flyway provides whales with a feast of halibut, amberjack and walleye. This is also the time of year when the big game arrives for salmon. It is possible to see whales and dolphins from the air as well, which makes any vacation rental the perfect spot for seeing whales and dolphins. Even if you do not get a chance to see the whales and dolphins, you can still enjoy the rich variety of ocean wildlife and marine life that is abundant in Hawaii.

Summer is the season of albatross, flamingos and pelicans. The abundance of seabirds is the biggest surprise of albatrosses and their fans. If you plan to visit Oahu, you should take a flight to the island sometime between mid-September and early-November so that you will be able to fly over the sea where all these creatures gather. You can also rent a boat to go fishing and try catching a mahi or other catch of the season. With the abundance of natural wildlife in Hawaii, it is easy to see why so many people are eager to take a whale-watching tour and travel to Hawaii.

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