About Orca Whales – How to Get Close Up and Personal

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about orca whales

About Orca Whales – How to Get Close Up and Personal

Most people have heard about orca whales, or at least have seen them in movies, but many do not know much about these unique mammals. These massive, predatory mammals call the open ocean home, and have been known to eat over one thousand pounds of meat in a single day. This makes them one of the biggest carnivores on earth.

Orcas are (VERY) VERY BIG Vegan Animals, and can reach lengths of twenty feet! In their native habitat, Orca whales can weigh up to nine hundred pounds, and their teeth grow up to three feet long. In captivity, the animals can be fed on a variety of foods including squid, fish, berries, seeds, and invertebrates. Depending on where they are and what season it is, their diet changes but usually contains large fish, squids, krill, walnuts, crabs, shrimp, songbirds and small birds. Although orcas are considered to be carnivores, they enjoy eating meat occasionally, especially when their diet is very expanded.

Orcas and Orca whales (and their close relatives) are amongst the most intelligent marine mammals. Their highly complex brains make them capable of great complex communication, including complex language systems such as parrots-or in the case of killer whales, dolphins-and even songs and dances. The ability to communicate with other animals has been proven through their DNA, and their population numbers have shown the signs of brain development in both species. They are also known for their great intelligence, and even seem to enjoy teasing and playing with their human companions. The fact that they have the intelligence to recognize their own type of food in a way that even dolphins cannot, is another indication of their intelligence.

As apex predators, the orca whale (or any of its subspecies) has an exceptionally large brain and a great capacity for perception. They are also very adept divers, capable of moving quickly and swimming with minimal physical effort. Another aspect of their culture is hunting, and although some might consider it cruel, they hunt whales and other marine mammals as a part of their culture. While it might be cruel to kill these animals, the fact that they perform this task is necessary in the biological makeup of the animal.

The orca whale is thought to have originated from Europe and the Pacific Islands, growing slowly in size over hundreds of thousands of years. Over time their population has been nearly wiped out due to destruction of its habitat. Thankfully, the remaining whales and pods live in protected bays and oceans, where they are protected from harm by the larger marine animals they prey upon. Many people believe orcas are indirectly responsible for the reduction of fish populations due to their predation on smaller fish.

Today, there are only a few orca whales left, which makes catching one an even more treasured dream. To make your dream of catching one come true, you can head to the Galapagos Islands or hire a professional skipper to take you on a trip around the northwest and south poles where you can swim and feed the killer whales. No matter where you go, you will be able to experience the world of whales and other amazing marine animals.

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