A Review Of Prince Of Whales Theatre

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prince of whales theatre

A Review Of Prince Of Whales Theatre

The Prince of Wales Theatre is an exceptional West End theatre on Coventry Street, close to Leicester Square in London. It was first established in 18 Malone’s Theatre in London in the late eighteenth century and rebuilt in the late nineteenth century, and extensively renovated in the late twentieth century by its current owner, Sir Cameron Mackintosh. It is designed mainly as a modern, minimalist classic musical, with a heavy emphasis on drama with strong jazz, ballet and opera elements. It has won many awards including a Olivier award for its outstanding performance by Kevin Spacey, as well as being listed on the British List of Historic Places.

Kevin Spacey plays the lead role of Prince Philip, an escaped convict who becomes a royal prince and protector of England. He marries the Princess Elizabeth, who has a young son named Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is under threat from the marauding pirates of the Caribbean, led by their feared Captain Hook. At the end of the play, the couple wed and become the most wanted couple in the world.

This highly entertaining production is spectacular and well worth a serious theatre visit. The quality of the cast, the costumes, and the sets are all top notch, but what really sells it is the talent of Spacey. His interpretation of the part is perfectly suited to his talents as a dramatic actor, as he brings a lightness to the role that makes it more human and more relatable to the audience. Spacey’s flawless diction and accent make him a true leading man.

It is rare that a musical that makes a profound and lasting impression on the general public. In contrast, Prince Of Whales is one of those rare finds, creating an emotional sensation with every performance. There is something uniquely personal about Spacey as he brings the role of the lead to life. His unique brand of British humour comes across perfectly with the way he interacts with the audience. His timing is spot on, and the end result is one of the most successful movies of all time.

Many younger viewers who have not seen any of Spacey’s TV work will find this performance to be an education. There is little about the story and characters which Spacey does not relate to and this makes the audience relate to the story more easily than other performers. It is almost impossible to dislike Spacey as he delivers his best performance.

For a successful play such as Prince Of Whales, it is rare that a show hits the box office. This one did, earning a record-breaking $1.7 million from its opening night. It has since enjoyed increased word of mouth and received multiple awards for its impressive ensemble of actors, directors, and other crew members. If you enjoy cerebral entertainment, with strong plotlines and realistic characters, then Prince Of Whales is likely to be a winner for you. Do not miss out on this one of a kind production.

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