A Remarkable Experience at a Whales Hotel

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The Whales Hotel is an internationally acclaimed luxury 5 star resort located at T Nagar, Chennai. It provides exclusive 5 star facilities and services. This hotel was launched in 2021 and has been a permanent part of the exclusive resort group called as the Nagar Group.

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This hotel has received numerous awards from various business and travel magazines for its unique design and interiors. Some of the popular features in this hotel arelisted below. They are:

Personalized Service: Guests can get personalized service while booking the rooms in this hotel. Their needs such as requests and requirements are taken care of in a very professional manner. Complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi access, complimentary coffee, internet broadband, etc. are offered to them on daily basis. Other basic facilities such as car rental, air ticket, etc.

Entertainment: There are multiple television sets and DVDs to keep the customers entertained. There is a poolside bar and lounge with a restaurant. Movies are available on these channels. The restaurant has a collection of snacks and meals. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool. All the rooms have telephones as well as safe key generators.

Safety: There is a security guard on the premises of the hotel who will monitor the parking lot and other areas. The hotel staffs are very cordial and hospitable. The hotel staffs do not allow the guests to leave the hotel premises without their permission. There is a 24 hour security monitoring system. Emergency numbers are always available.

The price of the rooms in these hotels is a bit higher than other hotels in Chennai. The hotels are located in the middle of the commercial area. The location is one of the main attractions of Chennai and hence, these hotels are preferred by the visitors. A five star luxury hotel is located near the airport, but a budget hotel can be found easily.

Room Booking: Room reservations can be made online using the Internet. This is one of the convenient ways of booking a room. The hotel website will have all the details regarding rooms and reservations. There is a message board where guest can chat with the other guests. There are many different themes available for the rooms and it will be upon the discretion of the guest whether he wants to opt for a theme or not.

The staff of the hotel is cordial and helpful. These hotels are known for their cuisine and they serve the cuisines in a best manner possible. The dishes served are mouth watering and the decor is very beautiful. The staffs make sure that the guests are satisfied with their stay and even go out of their way to accommodate the guests’ needs.

The service of these hotels is renowned and thus, the guests are treated with the best. The ambience in these hotels is very comfortable and soothing. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable with additional amenities like hot tubs. Thus, if you are looking for a place that is not very far away from the city, the Harbor Harbour Hotel and its partners will be the right choice for you. Just make sure to book your hotel rooms early.

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