A Kayaking Adventure With Killer Whales, Orca Adventures and West End Alaska Kayak Company

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It is highly recommended that kayakers who want to fish or kayak in Washington’s beautiful Pug water learn a few tips for kayaking with killer whales. Killer whales are one of the most challenging species of ocean predators. In fact, they can be so strong, fast, and aggressive that they often attack other boats or even kayakers! If you plan to kayaking with killer whales in Washington’s Pug waters, one of your primary tasks should be to locate the ideal location to kayak safely. The best locations are usually along shoreline and near wrecks because these are the most protected from their attacks. Here are some tips for kayaking with killer whales that will help you to get as close as possible to these massive beasts.

kayaking with killer whales

There are several good locations to go kayaking with killer whales, and some of them are listed below. The best locations include Juan Islands kayaking tours in Washington State; Orcas Inlet in Washington; and Taku River Headwaters in Skagit County. In each of these locations, the kayaking routes are different and vary in difficulty. Here are some examples:

If you love sea kayaking and wish to experience an experience close to the mother ship, Orcas Inlet is a perfect location for you. It is a sheltered bay of about 9 acres where you can kayak into deep water and stay out at sea kayaking for as long as you wish. If you like to “see” wildlife, then you’ll love watching the playful, and sometimes, wacky seals eating small fish in the shallow waters. The waters in this area are also known for their rich population of humpback whales.

Just a few minutes north of Seattle, on the Juan Islands, is another excellent location for Killer Whale Watching. The killer whales can be seen from the shore, and there are also opportunities for snorkeling and diving. You’ll find that the killer whales frequent the same feeding and breeding areas, so snorkeling here is a great way to get up close and personal. If you are interested in the seals, try the West Pier; it’s the only place where you’ll see the male and female humpbacks feed. The only issue you might run into is that the tide will wash away the fish right before you get a chance to view them.

One of the best places to paddle to while kayaking to the west coast, especially whales watching, is the Gulf Beaches State Park. There is a strait leading into the park from the peninsula. Paddle into the strait and you will find a beautiful, bight cove complete with tide pools and magnificent beaches. There are several kayaking opportunities along the bight; but if you’re looking for a quieter spot, try the south end of the Gulf Beach Causeway Bridge, where there are less boats and a more private feel.

If you want to learn more about Killer whales and other Northwest coast sea kayaks, then hire a kayaking adventure company to fly you out to the whales and back. Pacific Wild kayaking provides tours of the natural habitats of the whales and other marine life that exist in Puget Sound. You’ll also experience the beauty of clear water in Puget Sound, along with an abundance of great wildlife. The company also arranges sailing adventures that take you up close and personal with the orcas. Orca Adventures provides everything you need for an enjoyable and exciting vacation in Puget Sound with Orcas in Sea Kayaks.

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